Farm House Fridge


Want to provide a perk for your employee break room? Let us place a state of the art Farm House Fridge providing real food made fresh on the farm and ready for purchase on demand. 

Fresh Salads

Our salads are made fresh here in Yankton, not packed in a factory and shipped in on trucks. We take care that every ingredient is fresh for the best flavor in town. Pictured: Blackened Salmon Salad

Unique Wraps and Sandwiches

We're always cooking at the farm and love new fun creations. One of our secrets: We always cook our chicken fresh on the bone. It takes a little more time but the resulting flavor and juiciness is worth it! Expect to see a rotating variety in our fridge always! Pictured: Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Full Satisfying Meals

Perfect for a simple microwave reheat, these meals range from traditional favorites like Lasagna and roast beef and mashers to fun flavors like Rasta Pasta and Caribbean Pork over Coconut Rice (Pictured).

Quick Breakfasts

Who doesn't rush to work after dropping kids off and realize they're starting the day on empty? Pictured: Triple Egg Croissant

Snacks and Dessert

One's day can only get better by treating yourself to a little reward... Pictured: Cheesecake with Fresh Raspberry Sauce